Journal Broadcast Group

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This is a distribution company that handles local news programs on network affiliates in various cities across the United States. It is based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

1st (known) Logo (2000s?-2009)

Visuals: Unknown

Variant: Some news programs have the smaller version of the logo in white text with the copyright information directly underneath it.

Technique: Unknown

Audio: End music of a news program.

Availability: Most likely found on the end of news programs that aired during that time period.

2nd Logo (2009-)

Visuals: There is a zoom out shot of a satellite orbiting the earth in space. The camera zooms further back underneath what looks like a hollowed out hangar bay tunnel of a space ship. Various call signs of network affiliate stations appear on the walls of this tunnel, with streaks of lightning popping out of nowhere. The shot further zooms outwards until we see the "Journal Broadcast Group" name (and the skinny A-shaped antenna next to it) decked out like an actual space ship. The "ship" immediately turns bright white in a burning-hole-on-paper sort of effect as the camera zooms back even more. The space background immediately disappears into a purple/navy blue background with a lighter sunburst-like effect in the middle.

Variant: Depending on the network affiliate, the logo (and its animation) may be minimized or shorten to accommodate ads for various local businesses. A recent version of this logo includes:

  • The background is split in two. There is a shimmering blue background with flickering white streaks across on top and a glossy black floor bottom. The logo is in the middle. The antenna part of the logo is red and is smaller than the antenna on previous logos. Below it is a long and thin blue triangle with the "Journal Broadcast Group" written in white. The entire logo is tilted sideways as if it were 3-D.

Technique: The stray lightning bolts flickering in the tunnel. The fadeout of the "ship" into solid white text. [possible misuse]

Audio: Starts out silently, then there are muted sounds of lightning striking down on something through the tunnel. When the full logo with the text is shown, a bombastic 5-note synth jingle is played with the final note held to the very end.

Availability: Found on the end of local news programs.

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