Columbia TriStar Central Productions

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Columbia TriStar Central Productions was a joint-venture between Columbia TriStar International Television and Central Independent Television. Carlton Television would take Central's place a little later.

Logo (January 6, 1995-August 27, 1998)

Visuals: On a gray background, there is a black ellipse with "cTCp" inside. The "c" is orange, overlapping the tall purple "T". Next to it, there is a green "C" with a blue "p" in its opening. Below the ellipse, there is a black and blue gradient shadow with the text "Columbia TriStar Central Productions" placed underneath in a black Arial font.


  • On Married for Life, the entire text is replaced by a copyright disclaimer reading "©Columbia TriStar CARLTON UK Productions" with "CARLTON" in the form of its 1993 logo.
  • On the seventh and final season of The Upper Hand, the logo takes place on the same gray marble background which was used for both the 1995 Carlton and Central endcaps, and the text from before is used. The shadow is also transparent.
  • On Loved by You, the logo takes place on a purple gradient background, which was used for the standard Carlton endcaps from 1996. Once again, the text is replaced by "©Columbia TriStar CARLTON Productions", with "CARLTON" in the form of its 1993 logo.

Technique: A still picture.

Audio: None.

Availability: Seen on the final two seasons of The Upper Hand, Married for Life, the British remake of Married... with Children and Loved by You, and the British remake of Mad About You.

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