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In 2019, American private equity firm KKR acquired German film distributor Universum Film from the RTL Group, and renamed it to Leonine Distribution.

Logo (2019-)

Visuals: The screen zooms through a dark black-and-white forest. A statue of a lion is seen, with a bird perched on top. Then, the bird takes off from the lion and flies into the sunrise as the forest fades into colour, where there are some tall and skinny conifer trees. The camera moves so that the space between the trees forms the word "LEONINE". When the camera slows down to a halt, the "O" flashes, transitioning to the actual Leonine logo on a black background.


  • A short version of this logo exists where it starts flashing.
  • There is a version where the word "STUDIOS" appears fading in on the bottom right.

Technique: CGI by Deli Creative Collective.

Audio: An ambient piano-driven soundtrack, with synthesized beeps interspersed throughout, composed by Simon Verhoeven.

Availability: Germany. Seen on releases from Leonine from 2019 onwards. Also seen on current TV and home media releases produced and/or licensed by Leonine.

Universum Film GmBH
Leonine Distribution
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