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Voltage Pictures is a Los Angeles based film company, formed by Nicholas Chartier in 2005.

1st Logo (January 22, 2010-July 17, 2013)

Visuals: Sparks form on a black background. After they vanish, a high voltage warning sign in green with a silver zap and outline above the silver text "VOLTAGE PICTURES" appears via a flip effect. The screen flashes, causing the logo to turn red (save for the inside of the triangle, which turns black), and the logo slowly zooms forward.


  • Sometimes, the logo doesn't turn red.
  • A still version appears on early films (e.g. Born to Raise Hell).

Technique: CGI.

Audio: None. Born to Raise Hell uses the opening theme.

Availability: Seen on films from the period, such as The Company You Keep.

2nd Logo (January 18, 2013-)

Visuals: The screen pans through the outskirts of an abandoned electrical plant. We then move towards the door to the generator room, which has the company logo on it glowing. When we get close enough, the screen flashes, cutting to the previous logo's finished product, which also zooms forward.


  • On Good Kill, the logo is in black and white.
  • A shortened version appears on Sniper: Special Ops and I Feel Pretty.
  • A version that ends with 3D letters appears on Intruder.
  • Sometimes, this logo appears in a box with other company logos.
  • On the French BluRay release of Run Hide Fight, the logo jumps between shots of its animation.

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: Some electrical zaps, along with modified excerpts from "Behold the Darkness" by Medwyn Goodall.

Availability: Appeared on films like Dallas Buyers Club, Don Jon, After, Knock Knock and the Australian release of Ambushed. Still in use, in spite of the next logo being introduced.

3rd Logo (October 1, 2015-)

Visuals: There is a panorama of a night city with stormy weather and an electric line in front view. Lightning hits the line, forming a spark, and we follow the spark down to a fence and a rusty table with a "VOLTAGE" sign, which blows up and becomes the logo.

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: Stormy and electric sounds.

Availability: Seen on Fathers and Daughters. It is not as commonly used as the previous logo.
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