Phase 4 Films

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Phase 4 Films was a Canadian film distribution company based in Toronto, formed by Berry Meyerowitz (who later founded Quiver Distribution in 2019 with Jeff Sackman) in April 2009 after he purchased Kaboom! Entertainment back from Peace Arch Entertainment. It had two branches in the United States: Los Angeles, California, and Fort Mill, South Carolina. In 2014, the company was acquired by Entertainment One and folded in 2015.

Logo (2009-2015)

Visuals: In a cloudy sky, a light blue circle and three yellow/orange shapes zoom out. The shapes shine and then settle inside the circle to form a number 4. The end result looks similar to the Fantastic Four logo. The text "PHASE 4 FILMS" shines in below.


  • On trailers, the logo is sped-up.
  • A still version exists where the logo is on a white/light blue gradient background.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A dramatic orchestral fanfare.

Availability: Seen on films from the company, and a huge amount of poorly-done animated movies and mockbusters, such as Donkey X, Freddy Frogface, Ivan the Incredible, The True Story of Puss N Boots, Life's A Jungle, Goat Story, the international release of Kiara the Brave, and Pup. Also seen on all Kaboom! Entertainment releases (preceded or followed by their logo) from 2009 until they folded into Entertainment One in 2015. It can be also viewed on their now-inactive YouTube channel.

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