Crossover Programming Company

From the Audiovisual Identity Database, the motion graphics museum

Logo (1970s?-1982?)

Visuals: On a black background, a triangle with three arrows on it zooms out. When it stops zooming, three parallelograms (red, blue and green) flip in to the top, right, and bottom of the triangle, respectively. Then the italicised words "CROSSOVER PROGRAMMING COMPANY" quickly wipe in on the bottom of the screen.

Variant: Sometimes a copyright notice would fade in below.

Technique: The triangle zooming out, the parallelograms flipping, the text wiping in. [possible misuse]

Audio: An electronic sounder that sounds like something out of an arcade game.

Availability: It was seen on The Big Laff-Off when it was last reran on Ha! years ago. Also seen on What’s Up America?.

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