Barr Films

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Logo (1970s-1990s)

Visuals: Over a black background, the logo starts with the orange words "Barr Films" and "Presents" zooming in, along with a combination of the letter "q" and the letter "b". After it stops zooming, it shines and fades out.


  • On the end of programs produced by the company itself, the same logo design is shown but "Presents" is removed and "distributed/produced by" is added on the top.
  • Rarely, for the opening, the logo fades instead of zooming in.
  • On some films, such as Safety: In Danger Out of Doors, "distributed/produced by" is to the logo's left instead of above. The text "barr films" is in a stacked format, and is shown next to the logo in the right side.
    • On The Box, the text "produced by" is in the Humanist typeface, and in orange.

Technique: Motion-controlled backlit animation.

Audio: None. On one occasion, the 1983 Filmation theme played over the logo, due to a bad plaster job.

Audio Variant: Two Animal Families films have a deep synth note ending with twinkling-like piano notes play instead.

Availability: This was spotted on The Canterville Ghost which was last seen on USA Network in the early 1990s. The easiest place to find this logo is on various shorts of theirs riffed by Rifftrax such as Safety: In Danger Out of Doors.

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