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Pallas Pictures was an American film production company initially founded in 1913 as Hobart Bosworth Productions Company (or Bosworth Inc.) by Hobart Bosworth to produce melodramas based on Jack London's novels. Throughout the company's lifespan under Hobart Bosworth, Frank A. Garbutt had most of the control in the business. When Bosworth left in 1915, Garbutt fully controlled the company and it was renamed to Pallas Pictures. Three years later, the brand was discontinued.

Logo (November 28, 1915-February 4, 1918)

Visuals: A picture of an owl standing on a tree branch overlaps a giant white serif "P" with the text "PALLAS PICTURES" above it. Inside the bottom page scroll, which is part of the logo's border, the company's copyright info is seen with two copies of the logo inside a circle with wings besides it.


  • On films distributed by Paramount Pictures, a bottom text is added below the logo, reading and showing as the same thing as the last logo.
  • The logo can be seen in a sepia or yellow tone.

Technique: A printed graphic filmed by a cameraman.

Audio: The closing theme of the film.

Availability: The normal variant was seen on Ben Blair whereas the Paramount variants was seen on The Call of the Cumberlands, The Intrigue, and A Son of Erin.

Hobart Bosworth Productions Company
Pallas Pictures
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