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Chesterfield Pictures Corporation was associated with Chesterfield Productions (which distributed all their films). In 1935, Chesterfield merged with five other Poverty Row studios (Mascot Pictures, Liberty Pictures, Invincible Pictures, Monogram Pictures, and Majestic Pictures) to form "Republic Pictures Corporation" (later known as "Republic Entertainment, Inc.").

Logo (October 1, 1928-November 29, 1936)


  • Opening On a grey wall background with a big light, there is a searchlight moving. After 4 seconds, the searchlight reveals the word "CHESTERFIELD". Underneath it, there is a magician and two film reels. Under it is the words "MOTION PICTURE CORPORATION", and everything has a dark shadow. It fades to the opening title of the film.
  • Closing Same as the opening, but it's still, and the word "THE END" appears and underneath it, there is the Chesterfield Pictures print logo and the words "DISTRIBUTED BY CHESTERFIELD MOTION PICTURE CORPORATION" next to it.

Technique: Live-action for the opening version. A still graphic for the closing version

Audio: The opening theme of the movie.

Availability: It is known to have appeared on Circumstantial Evidence.

Chesterfield Pictures
Republic Pictures (1935-1967)
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