Associated-British Pathé News

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Logo (1956?-1970)

Visuals: On a cloudy background, there is the text "ASSOCIATED BRITISH PATHÉ LTD." on a Western-like red 3D font. Then appears a ribbon like a laurel with three symbols on the corners. Inside is a crowing white chicken. Then the letters "PATHÉ NEWS" on the style before named appear, with a copyright disclaimer and the RCA logo below.


  • At the end of Pathé newsreels, there is just the ribbon with the cloudy background and the rooster, with "THE END" in the same font style.
  • There exists a B&W version of the logo.

Technique: Live action.

Audio: A patriotic fanfare, and also the chicken crowing.

Availability: It was seen on the company's newsreels until production ceased in 1970. The Pathe News archive is now owned by ITN Archive.

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