Spin The Bottle Inc.

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Spin The Bottle Inc. is a production company famous for Pop-Up Video, founded by Tad Low in 1995.

1st Logo (October 27, 1996-1997)

Visuals: On an orange background with a green circle in the middle, there is a green bottle with a blank label on it. A hand comes out and gives it a spin. After it's done spinning, "SPin THe BOTTLe" rotates onto the label. The URL "www.spinthebottle.com" is seen below in a blue rectangle.

Technique: Live action and 2D animation.

Audio: A "woo-woo-woo-wo" like sound as the bottle spins.

Availability: Can be seen on early episodes of Pop-Up Video.

2nd Logo (June 25, 1997-August 8, 2002)

Visuals: On a rotating green-black spiral background, there is a bottle with bubbles and some text in it. A hand is on top of the bottle. The hand gives it a spin. After it's done spinning, the text "SPIN THE BOTTLE INC" in a '60s era font is seen in the shape of the bottle. It waves once. The URL "www.spinthebottle.com" fades in on the bottom right corner.


  • A version has the hand part almost cut out, the bubbles are black, and the text keeps waving.
  • In 1999, the words "Want more?" appear in one of Pop-Up Video's bubbles over the bottle. The URL is also in a bubble and does not have "www".
  • On Pop-Up Quiz, the bubbles are green and red respectively, and the font is different.

Technique: Live action and 2D CGI.

Audio: An ominous tune, with a "whoosh" when the bottle spins. In 1999, the "popping" sound from Pop-Up Video was added when the bubbles appear; Pop-Up Quiz replaces the second "pop" with a bell.

Availability: Can be seen on most Pop-Up Video episodes, as well as Pop-Up Quiz.

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