Leap Off Productions

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Leap Off Productions was established in 1992 by Wayne Lepoff, co-creator of Real Stories of the Highway Patrol (the other creator was Mark Massari, who ran his own company), and the president and CEO of Genesis Entertainment at the time of the show's production; he currently runs Genesis International. Genesis Entertainment was the original syndicator of the show since Leap Off Productions was incorporated as a division of Genesis.

Logo (March 22, 1993-June 29, 1998)

Visuals: Over a purple/orange gradient background is the mustard yellow 3D text "LEAP OFF PRODUCTIONS" in Futura Extra Bold, with the giant word "LEAP OFF" above the smaller (and much lighter) word "PRODUCTIONS" in Futura MD BT, all with a grasshopper green shadow. Then, a white silhouette figure runs across the "LEAP OFF" text, then takes a leap off the text.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Panting noises as the man runs, then a scream with some reverb. Songview attributes the logo's soundtrack to Karissa A. Timmons, a Genesis employee who also composed the original music for the then-current logo from the aforementioned company.

Availability: Only seen on Real Stories of the Highway Patrol.

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