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Salter Street Films was a production company that was established in Canada by the Donovan (Michael and Paul) brothers in 1983. It was acquired by Alliance Atlantis in 2001, which maintained it as a wholly-owned subsidiary with its own distribution unit until 2003. Paul Donovan became an independent producer and Michael Donovan and others (i.e. Charles Bishop (originally an independent producer until 1998) and Floyd Kane) created the Halifax Film Company in 2004.

1st Logo (October 11, 1993-January 10, 1999)

Visuals: On a black background, there is the yellow text "SALTER STREET FILMS" with the thinner teal text "L I M I T E D" below it, each in a Times New Roman font. Behind it, there is a red slash with a white spear on it. The entire logo slides back and once it is in full view a white copyright notice fades in below.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: The closing theme of the program or a generic backdrop of wind and seagulls calling.

Availability: So far, this was seen on Emily of New Moon and This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

2nd Logo (October 5, 1998-October 26, 2003)

Visuals: On a black background, there is a silver image of a head in a bust-like pose in front of a TV-tube-like outline. To the right of the logo is the silver text:


in a stocky font. The logo "shines".

Trivia: This logo is based on the intro of This Hour Has 22 Minutes from season two onwards, where a person is watching TV.


  • The CBC series This Hour Has 22 Minutes has an enhanced "photo-realistic" version of this logo in the end credits, which also serves as the logo of the show itself. This end credit-variant reads "Produced by Salter Street Films Ltd. in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation" with the 1992 CBC symbol displayed below. This is followed by a tag for the show’s URL, and then, the generic SSF logo with copyright info and no URL.
  • In few years the URL "" or one connected with a particular SSF series appeared under the logo.
  • During it's final year of operation, it would shrink a little and become the Alliance Atlantis "Stylized A" logo with the "A" above and "Company" below the logo (like the copyright).
  • On season 1 of Poko, the logo with the Alliance Atlantis variant is in-credit.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: The ending theme, the audio from the previous logo or silent.

Availability: Seen on Made in Canada, seasons 2-4 of LEXX on Sci-Fi Channel and DVD, as well as syndicated reruns of The Odyssey and later episodes of This Hour Has 22 Minutes. This was also found on the original prints of season 1 of Poko.

Salter Street Films
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