Henerson/Hirsch Productions

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Logo (March 21, 1983-May 2, 1987)

Visuals: Against a blue background, there is an "H" made of filmstrips. The sides of the "H" are filmstrips (black with white sprockets), and two more filmstrips make up the uprights in the middle. The uprights are white with black sprockets, and the first and second rows bracket the Henerson name, and the second and third rows bracket the Hirsch name (so in essence, the top and bottom rows bracket the two names, and the middle row splits them). At the top, there is an "And" credit, and at the bottom is the credit "HENERSON/HIRSCH PRODUCTIONS, INC. In Association With." On episodes 3 and 6 of Starman, the logo (except the background) disappears briefly at the end.

Variant: There was a version from a TV movie called Intimate Agony in which the colors were reversed from what appeared on the Starman series on ABC (this one had the credit of "In Association With Robert Papazian Productions, Inc."); this was also on a version that simply had a copyright of "©MCMLXXXV Henerson/Hirsch Productions. All Rights Reserved."

Technique: A still printed graphic.

Audio: None.

Availability: Seen on the short-lived 1986 ABC series Starman, as one of two vanity cards that were in association with Columbia Pictures Television (the other was Michael Douglas Productions, which was seen against a closing credit scene from the show) and the TV movie Intimate Agony.

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