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Paramount Global Content Distribution is the international distribution unit of Paramount Global. It was formed in 2004 by Viacom as CBS Paramount International Television, a result of a merger between two television companies, CBS Broadcast International and Paramount International Television. Since September 26, 2006, the company has been part of the CBS Television Distribution (now CBS Media Ventures) Group. In May 2009, CBS Paramount International Television was renamed CBS Studios International. In 2020, the subsidiary was renamed to ViacomCBS Global Distribution Group before CBS Studios International merged with VIS. On February 15, 2022, ViacomCBS announced that it was changing its name to Paramount Global and thus, the division was renamed to its current name.

Logo (2022-)

Visuals: On a dark blue background, the stars of the Paramount Global logo zoom back from below the camera, albeit more similar to the 2011 Paramount Pictures logo with their bronze edges and silver textures. They also have the 2011 Paramountain (without the stars) reflected on them. As they zoom out to their positions, the half circle from the Paramount Global logo also appears and the mountain rises from below. When the stars sit on their position, they turn into the same shade of blue as the background, thus forming the Paramount symbol. A light blue trail of sparkles comes from the top-right and the Paramount script is revealed by it as it wipes down from the symbol, as well as "GLOBAL CONTENT DISTRIBUTION" in Peak Sans, wiping in from below the script. A bright light can also be seen on the top corner of the screen throughout the whole logo, going from the center to the right.


  • A 4:3 variant of this logo exists.
  • On the 2024 ITV1 revival of both Jeopardy! UK and Wheel of Fortune UK, the logo appears in a box on the top right and shares the screen with the 2014 Sony Pictures Television, 2024 Whisper North, and 2013 ITV logos.

Technique: CGI by RM15 Creative. The 2011 Paramountain was done by Devastudios using Terragen from Planetside Studios and Autodesk Maya.

Audio: A bell sound at the beginning, followed by an ethereal low-pitched choir-like note, with an orchestral hit at the end.

Audio Variant: Sometimes, the ending theme of the show plays instead.


  • Appears on Indonesia's Next Top Model starting with season 3, and the revival of Suomen huippumalli haussa.
  • It also appears on the HD remaster of Walker, Texas Ranger on Peacock and H&I, and on the 2023 DVD release of Bonanza: The Official Complete Series by Paramount Home Entertainment (CBS Home Entertainment).
  • However, it does not appear on the international prints of Poker Face, which instead uses the still version of the 2022 bylineless variant of the Paramount Worldwide Television Licensing & Distribution logo.
  • It also appears on the 2024 ITV1 revival of both Jeopardy! UK and Wheel of Fortune UK.
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