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This was one of many cable and educational companies formed by Glenn R. Jones.

Logo (August 17, 1990-December 15, 1996)

Visuals: On an ocean background set during sundown, a red dragon appears. The camera rotates around it and it eventually roars, letting out fire. The sky brightens up and the dragon transforms into a 2D image on a black rectangle with a white border, shown at a left angle. The text "JONES 21ST CENTURY" is seen below it in a futuristic font.


  • A later variant has the animation in a videotape quality.
  • In 1994, the text below the picture changed just into "JONES", with a trademark symbol next to the word.

Technique: CGI produced by Metrolight Studios.

Audio: An ominous tribal tune with a roar sound, ending in a ding and a brief choir sound.

Availability: Appeared on some 90s TV movies, such as CIA: Exiled (which can be seen on Screen Media's Popcornflix website), The Story Lady, and The Little Kidnappers (available on VHS from BWE Video). The later version appears on TV airings of the 1996 remake of Holiday Affair (it does not appear on the Feature Films for Families VHS release). It also appears on Metrolight Studios' 1991 showreel.

Legacy: The dragon roaring and the ominous (at first) theme could put some off.

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