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After Viacom and CBS Corporation split in 2006, the latter company formed CBS Films to produce and distribute films. The first film from the studio was Extraordinary Measures, released on January 22, 2010. CBS Films self-distributed their films until 2015, when they signed a deal with Lionsgate Films to distribute the studio's films in the United States (Lionsgate Home Entertainment also distributes the films on home media for CBS Home Entertainment). In January 2019, it was reported that CBS Films would release four theatrical films in 2019, then be folded into the main CBS Entertainment Group, switching its focus to creating original film content for CBS All Access (now Paramount+). Jexi was CBS Films' final theatrical release on October 11, 2019. The ViacomCBS merger closed on December 4, 2019 and returned Paramount Pictures to being a sister company of CBS, making a theatrical subsidiary for the network superfluous. Today, the CBS Films library is owned by Paramount Pictures.

1st Logo (January 22, 2010-March 4, 2011)

Visuals: There is a filmstrip that starts to move. Then, the screen zooms out, goes around like a roller coaster and the screen zooms away so that all the filmstrips form the CBS corporate Eyemark logo. As the circle of the CBS eye shines, the seven letters zoom out to form the words "CBS FILMS" with "CBS" to the left of the eye and "FILMS" to the right, all in a sky blue color. Some circles move out from the eye and the center of the eye turns blue.


  • Depending on the film, the end result of the logo is either in the middle or off-centered to the right.
  • In a trailer for Beastly, the logo was still on a black background.
  • The closing version is silver.

Technique: CGI animation by Prologue.

Audio: A light orchestral fanfare (with CBS's three-note jingle at the end) composed by James Horner and staff at Musikvergnuegen.

Availability: Seen on Extraordinary Measures, The Back-Up Plan, Faster, The Mechanic, and Beastly. The black background variant is seen on the trailer for the latter.

2nd Logo (February 3, 2012-October 11, 2019)

Visuals: On a grey background, many copies of the word "CBS" without the CBS eye zoom out. It then slides to the side to reveal "FILMS".

Variant: On some films like American Assassin, Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life, and many others, the logo appears in sky blue tinted.

Closing Variant: The logo is white, with "CBS" appearing slightly more dark, and is on a black background. The logo looks less detailed.

Technique: CGI animation.

Audio: None or the opening theme of the film.

Availability: Seen on newer films starting from The Woman in Black to Jexi.

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