Possessed Pictures

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Possessed Pictures is a former name of Haunted Movies, owned by Blumhouse Productions.

Logo (2010s)

Visuals: Same as the "Horror" variant of the first Blumhouse Productions logo, but instead of the words "BLUMHOUSE PRODUCTIONS" or "BH PRODUCTIONS", it's replaced with a symmetrical image of the letter "P" and a sword inbetween them, and the words "POSSESSED PICTURES" with "POSSESSED" on one side and "PICTURES" on the other. Also, before the logo fades out, a Blumhouse byline fades in.

Technique: Same as the Blumhouse Productions logo. Done at Filmograph.

Audio: Same as the Blumhouse Productions logo.

Availability: Unused. It was once found on Aaron Becker's Vimeo page.
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