California National Productions

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California National Productions, Inc. (CNP) (also known as "California Studios, Inc.") was a production sub-arm of NBC Films, the former syndication division of the NBC Television Network. Most of these series are in the public domain.

Logo (September 25, 1955-1962)

Visuals: Over a sky background, the logo starts with the top of the planet Earth. Above the planet we see the giant chiseled 3D letters "CNP" zoom in, in a chiseled font similar to the giant chiseled word "COLUMBIA" that's seen on the Columbia Pictures logo. In front of the letters is the text "A CALIFORNIA NATIONAL PRESENTATION" with "A" above the rest of the text and "PRESENTATION" below it and in a smaller font.

Variant: On NBC-aired shows, another text appears below that reads: "FILMED IN ASSOCIATION WITH THE NBC TELEVISION NETWORK" or "FILMED FOR NBC".

Other Variant: On Boots and Saddles, due to the closing theme being a bugle call, a brief fanfare was added while the letters zoomed in.

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: The end title theme from any show.

Availability: It's seen on public domain video and digital download releases of such shows like The Lawless Years and on some prints of My Favorite Brunette.