Brain Damage Films

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Brain Damage Films is an indie horror film company founded in 2001 by Darrin Ramage.

Logo (2012?-2013)

Visuals: The logo starts off with the traditional countdown screen. After a couple of seconds, a monochrome effect of a photo of a half of a man's face with nasal piercings by the right of the screen is shown on one part. More photos of similar-looking men appear, as well as the countdown screen having inverted colors for a second. Then, suddenly, the countdown cuts to the text


The text zooms out in a slow fashion, and the company's URL briefly appears.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: The film flicker with wind howling and a lady screaming in horror two times before crying "No!". When the company's logo appears, ambience music is heard with blood splatter when the URL appears.

Availability: The logo is seen on films distributed from the company, such as Deadly Presence and Lake Noir.

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