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The first Silver Screen Partners venture was formed in 1982 by New York film investment broker Ronald W. Betts to fund movies for the newly founded HBO Films. TriStar Pictures would release the joint-venture's films theatrically.

Logo (August 31, 1984)

Visuals: The logo is basically a shortened version of the 1982 HBO "HBO in Space". It starts off when the HBO logo eases in and revolves towards the screen. After a moment, the words "IN ASSOCIATION WITH" in a silver black gradient color eases out. As it does this, the HBO logo fades away. The "IN ASSOCIATION WITH" text would soon disappear, then a silver/black gradient box with white bordering eases out. Inside is the big words "SILVER SCREEN" with the "S"s bigger than the rest of the letters. They are colored and bordered like the box with the shadow effects. Below the "SCREEN" is the white words "PARTNERS". On the top and bottom of the inside of the box are curved lines with a zig-zag at the end. The top line is gray and the bottom is black. The box then eases out and shines once. Then "PRESENTS" (in the same style as the "IN ASSOCIATION WITH" text) eases out. The silver screen box fades away as that appears. As the "PRESENTS" text goes all the way out, the logo fades out.

Variant: A CGI remake of this has a thinner HBO logo shown from the bottom easing out and then folding up to show the logo, then the "IAW" and Silver Screen logos coming after.

Technique: Model work for the HBO logo, reused from the 1982 "HBO in Space" ident. Camera-controlled animation for the "in association with" text and Silver Screen Partners logo.

Audio: A shortened version of the 1982 HBO logo theme by Ferdinand J. Smith, more specifically the part where the HBO logo is in space along with whooshes when the "SILVER SCREEN" box and words fly by.

Availability: Flashpoint only used this logo. Other films released under this venture instead have an in-credit notice. The redone version appeared on an HBO on demand airing of the aforementioned movie.
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