Briskin Productions

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Briskin Productions was founded on July 1, 1956 by Columbia Pictures studio veteran, Irving Briskin, to operate Screen Gems' productions. It was folded into Screen Gems in 1963.

Logo (September 30, 1957-1963)

Visuals: On a gray background, there is a cursive letter "B". In front of the letter "B", there are several black shapes with letters inside. The letter "A" is inside a black circle on top, each letter of the word "BRISKIN" is inside a black square except for the letters "I" which are inside a rectangle, and the word "PRODUCTION" inside a wide black ellipse on the bottom, all in the Clarendon font.


  • On the first season of The Donna Reed Show, the word "TODON" is seen above the name "BRISKIN" with two black diamonds in between the names.
  • On Ranch Party, it's similar to the the above variant, but the words "RANCH PARTY" are added below "BRISKIN".

Technique: A still, printed image.

Audio: The end-title theme from the show.


  • It was originally seen on Casey Jones, season one of The Donna Reed Show, Alcoa Theatre, Ranch Party, Goodyear Theatre, and Manhunt.
  • It's retained on the two episodes of Ranch Party on the Internet Archive and the first season of The Donna Reed Show on Me-TV and on DVD.

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