The Mimus Corporation

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The Mimus Corporation was another production company by Danny Arnold that was founded in 1976, a part of Danny Arnold Productions. The company only made the 1977-78 Barney Miller spin-off series Fish.

Logo (February 5, 1977-June 8, 1978)

Visuals: On a yellow background, there are the letters "T" and "C" in red form individually in a ellipse, followed by a large red "M" at which "the MIMUS corporation" appears at the lower left hand corner of the screen in red.

Technique: Simple cel animation.

Audio: A deep sounding keyboard stinger, reminiscent of the Lorimar "Line of Doom" logo.

Availability: Only seen on Fish. The CTV Throwback prints keep this, along with some episodes on the Shout! Factory DVD, and seen on Decades last aired on August 28, 2022.

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