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Yari Film Group Releasing was a Los Angeles-based movie company started in 2005, when Bob Yari consolidated his film banners (namely Bull's Eye Entertainment, El Camino Pictures, and Bob Yari Productions) into one brand. In December 2008, the company's distribution platform filed for bankruptcy, though the company still exists, with them producing two more movies, Guns, Girls and Gambling and Papa: Hemingway in Cuba, since then. The rights to a majority of their films have been licensed to Moonstone Entertainment, with FilmRise owning the streaming rights to them.

Logo (March 17, 2006-April 29, 2016)

Visuals: On a deep blue background, the light blue letters "Y", "F" and "G", with "F" sitting on the "G", zoom out. Then, "YARI FILM GROUP", underlined with "RELEASING" below the line, fades over the letters and slowly eases in.


  • On the trailer for Haven, the logo is placed against an ocean.
  • On Crash: The Series, Guns, Girls and Gambling and Papa: Hemingway in Cuba, the "RELEASING" text is removed.
  • On some films, the logo is much smaller than normal.
  • A still version of this variant also appeared on Crash: The Series.
  • The logo can be varying levels of dark or dim on some films, like The Accidental Husband, The Illusionist, Resurrecting the Champ and Nothing But the Truth.
  • On the trailer for The Perfect Holiday, it's Christmas-themed.

Technique: 2D animation by New Wave Entertainment.

Audio: A synthesized string composition, or none.

Availability: Seen on most films from the company, such as Resurrecting the Champ and The Painted Veil.
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