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The Marvel name has previously been associated with other animation production companies, namely Marvel Productions and Marvel Films Animation. However, in 2008, Marvel Entertainment established Marvel Animation to focus on Marvel's efforts in animation.

Logo (September 2, 2006- )

Visuals: Same as the Marvel "Flipbook" logo, but "ANIMATION" appears underneath.

Variant: Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes used the standard Marvel "Flipbook" logo instead.

Technique: Same as the Marvel "Flipbook" logo.

Audio: Same as the Marvel "Flipbook" logo, this was made by Prologue Films and Imaginary Forces.

Audio Variants:

  • At least one episode of Spider-Man: The Animated Series has the music for the 1996 Saban "Twirly-Doo" and 1997 Fox Kids Worldwide logos, most likely due to a poor plastering attempt.
  • On Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes, three electronic beeps with a swoosh sound are heard, which was taken from the show's theme music.
  • On the X-Men 97 trailer, the logo is in the form of the MCU 2016 Marvel Studios logo and is in black and gold.

Availability: It is seen on animated shows and movies produced by Marvel. Also, plastered the previous logos on Netflix prints of older Marvel shows.

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