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UFA-Wochenschau (known from 1968 as UFA-Dabei) was a West German series of black and white newsreels produced by Universum Film AG (UFA) and Deutsche Wochenschau GmbH. 1072 issues were produced from 1956 until 1977, all of which is nowadays owned by Bundesarchiv, the German Federal Archives.


Logo (October 1, 1956-January 16, 1968)


  • Opening: On a black background, there is a rotating globe on the left side. Seconds later, a slightly different UFA wordmark zooms in from Germany while the shadow just fades in. It stays there several seconds until the camera slowly zooms into the globe, then the logo fades out.
  • Closing: The camera zooms out fastly to the already formed logo, except the UFA wordmark is nearer to the globe.

Bylines: Only used in the closing logo.

  • October 1, 1956-November 27, 1957: (The print logo of Herzog Filmverleih)
  • December 4, 1957-February 7, 1962: (Bylineless)
  • February 14, 1962-March 9, 1966: "Constantin-Filmverleih" (in its corporate script)
  • March 16, 1965-January 16, 1968: "Constantin-Film" (again in its corporate script)

Variant: In issue Nr. 387, after the UFA wordmark appears, the "u" moves to the left corner by a trail making itself 2D and the text "nsere" wiping. Followed by the "f" moving to the left by the same trail and the text "rechste" wiping. And finally, the "a" moves to the left bottom by the trail and wiping the text "usgabe". The result is the stacked text "Unsere Frechste Augabe", translated as "Our Cheekiest Issue" (as the letters of the wordmark "move away", the globe gets darker). The text stays there until the logo ends, and the globe zooms in (keeping the UFA shadow).

Technique: Live-action and 2D animation.


  • October 1, 1956-September 4, 1957: A bombastic jazzy fanfare.
  • September 11, 1957-January 16, 1968: A drumroll, followed by another jazzy fanfare.

Audio Variant: At the end of issue Nr. 304, it used the closing theme.

Availability: Seen in newsreels of the period until issue Nr. 599, the last one to use this logo and the name "UFA-Wochenschau". It also shortly appeared in the following issue to announce the name changing. This logo was also used in El Mundo Al Instante (the Hispanic-American version of UFA-Wochenschau) from 1965 to 1980 as a closing logo (both original opening (when the camera zooms in) and closing versions).


Logo (January 23, 1968-June 28, 1977)


  • Opening: In a zooming-in gradient diamond-shaped tunnel background, the UFA logo zooms in toward the screen. When it covers the screen, it zooms out as a white rectangle with the black "DABEI" text in a zooming-out gradient rectangle-shaped tunnel background.
  • Closing: A white gradient vertical background wipes away, revealing a black background with a zooming "DABEI" text. Then, the byline "mit Constantin-Film" pops in and a white gradient horizontal background covers the screen.

Variant: In issue Nr. 300, the closing card, as well as the final part of the newsreel, is in color.

Technique: Rostrum camera.

Audio: A news-like jazzy theme.

Audio Variant: In issue Nr. 300, the music in the closing card is a different jazzy theme.

Availability: Seen in newsreels of the period.

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