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Ziv International was a television production and distribution company founded in 1971 by composer Mark Mercury and Irv Holender. This company was known by producing and distributing U.S. english-dubbed and Latin American Spanish-dubbed versions of Japanese anime series, and also, some TV movies. The Latin American division was presumably headed by Chilean singer and composer Juán Guillermo Aguirre (also known as "Memo Aguirre" and "Capitán Memo") during that time. They also syndicated the original Gumby in the 1980s after Lorimar Productions acquired Ziv International. Ziv's rights to the various anime they imported have reverted to their original owners.

Logo (1974-1985)


  • Opening: On a dark cyan background, a large, stylized “ZIV”, in gold, zooms up. The word "International”, in script, is seen below, with “PRESENTS” underneath.
  • Closing: It has the words "ZIV International" on a plain blue or green background. On Captain Future, the opening version was used as a closing logo, with a copyright stamp chryoned over the logo.

Technique: Camera-controlled animation.

Audio: A weird 3-note tune, or none in most times.

Availability: Seen mainly on various dubbed anime shows from that era, such as Little Lulu, Angel, Fables of the Green Forest, Don Quixote, and Captain Future among others, as well as some TV movies from the era, and 80s prints of The Adventures of Spunky and Tadpole. Also seen on Hey Abbott! on DVD, preceded by the Telepictures logo.

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