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NBC On Demand is NBC's VOD service.

1st Logo (2008-2011)

Visuals: Inside a studio is the NBC peacock emerging. Three of its feathers light up to the tune of the NBC chimes. After that, a blue peacock turns into place at the middle of the screen. A circle with a play symbol appears, and it slides to the left as the text "OnDemand" reveals itself. The logo slightly zooms in.

Trivia: This logo was based on the NBC 2008-09 on air look, "Chime In".

Technique: CGI.

Audio: The echoed NBC chimes are heard first, then whooshes as the peacock moves.

2nd Logo (2011-2013)

Visuals: It starts with a film countdown, then there is the 1953 NBC "Xylophone" logo. When the mallet bangs the xylophone, it forms into the 1975 NBC "N" logo, then the 1979 Proud N logo appeared when the peacock feathers blooming out. Now the Laramie peacock is showing, then it morphs into the 1943 NBC "Microphone" logo while a line draws the 1958 NBC "Snake" logo, followed by a 3D glass version of the current NBC logo, and the "OnDemand" text slides.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: An upbeat tune with the same NBC chimes from the previous logo at the end.

Final Note

Starting in 2013, NBC On Demand programs now use the NBC ID.

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