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Logo (1992-1994)

Visuals: In space, the slowly revolving cloudy globe dives down from the top and slowly "curves" up to the near-top in the roller coaster-like fashion, while the gigantic silvery-blue marble construction zooms out from the bottom and turns to face the viewer, revealing that it consists of the words "GLOBAL" and "PICTURES", both set in the ITC Eras font with different font weights, divided by the horizontal line. The globe stops spinning afterwards, the space background fades to black, and the letters, along with the horizontal line, shine.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Depending on films:

  • American Samurai: A dramatic orchestral hip-hop theme.
  • American Cyborg: Steel Warrior and Night Terrors: a tense electronic music score accompanied by the sound of wind blowing and a "Clang!" when the wordmark shines. On the former, the wind sound continues onto the first scene.
  • Twin Sitters: A slow, synthesized fanfare.
Availability: Seen on the movies listed above. Unknown if this logo is seen elsewhere.
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