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Red Wagon Entertainment is the production company of producer Douglas Wick. Red Wagon has produced the Stuart Little films, both Hollow Man movies, and The Craft: Legacy (a sequel to The Craft), among others. Despite being formed as early as 1999, the company didn't use a logo until 2003; before then, Red Wagon used in-credit notices (initially for Wick himself). In 2000, Wick expanded the company to bring in Lucy Fisher, his producing partner and wife.

1st Logo (March 1-May 24, 2003)

Visuals: On a white background, a still shot of a red wagon in motion slowly zooms in. "Red Wagon", in spaced-out letters, slides in from the left and "Entertainment", also in spaced-out letters, slides in from the right above and below the wagon respectively. The words zoom out from view and after a few seconds, the wagon zooms in for a close up causing the words to zoom away before fading out.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: The end theme of the series.

Availability: This was only seen on Stuart Little: The Animated Series on HBO Family, DVD, and CTV Throwback.

2nd Logo (June 24, 2005-October 28, 2020)

Visuals: A flash occurs, and the camera pans out of a reflection on a red wagon, standing in grass fields with clouds moving above. The camera zooms out of a light blink on a board of a red hand-cart, which turns out to be a red wagon that stands on the grass fields with clouds moving above. The wagon encloses itself in a box on a black background as the following text fades in underneath:



  • On Hollow Man 2, the logo is tinted in blue.
  • On Divergent, the logo is tinted in sepia and appears on a sepia matrix background just like the preceding Summit Entertainment logo.
  • On The Divergent Series: Insurgent, the logo is formed by light blue pixels as it zooms out.
  • On The Divergent Series: Allegiant, the logo is in gold and is formed from pixels. After a while, it glitches out.

Technique: CGI by Picturemill.

Audio: An orchestral theme composed by Jamie Christopherson. Sometimes, it's silent or has the opening theme of the movie.

Audio Variant: On The Craft: Legacy, the music is PAL pitched.

Availability: Seen on films from the company such as Bewitched, the end of Jarhead and Memoirs of a Geisha (the opening uses an in-credit disclaimer), RV, Lawless, the Divergent trilogy, and made its last appearance on The Craft: Legacy. This logo does not appear on The Great Gatsby.

3rd Logo (December 7, 2021-)

Visuals: Over a white background is the wagon from before, now shaded and illustrated. Below it is the stacked company name.

Variant: A black background variant exists.

Technique: A still digital image.

Audio: The closing theme.

Availability: It was first seen on Joe Pickett on Spectrum (and later Paramount+), which also marks the company's first TV series in 18 years. It may be seen on upcoming films from the company.

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