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Brut Pictures, Inc. (formerly known as "Brut Productions, Inc.") was formed in 1971 as the film production division of then-cosmetics company Fabergé, Inc. (Brut is the name of the company's popular brand of cologne), and was headed by George Barrie. The company's only major hit was A Touch of Class, the Academy Award nominee as "Best Picture of 1973". Brut Pictures was never truly a success, and by 1982, it was sold to Turner Broadcasting System (now part of WarnerMedia). As of today, the Brut Pictures catalog is owned by Warner Bros. through their acquisition of Turner in 1996.

Logo (August 1972-1979)

Visuals: On a blue patchwork background, there is a golden version of the logo used for Brut cosmetics, which consists of the word "BRUT" placed on a fancy decorated oval. The text seen at the bottom of the Brut logo changed over the years, usually saying "A Brut Production", "A Brut Presentation", or "A Fabergé Company".


  • The company's early films featured the oval swinging into view as the logo faded in, with the word "PRESENTATION" underneath. This was preceded by a credit for Joseph E. Levine (his Avco Embassy company released these films). This was seen on Night Watch and A Touch of Class.
  • Later on, the text of the oval read "BRUT PRODUCTIONS" in the familiar 1970's "tube" font.
  • Later films had the Brut logo shrunk down and the text below read "BRUT PICTURES, INC." in the same tube font with the Fabergé byline below it. It was also seen with the background dark green and the oval blue-violet.

Technique: Stop motion animation or none, the initial variant is live action.

Audio: It starts with a dark and bizarre synth theme (Sounding similar to the UMC Pictures logo), ends with a timpani as the logo stops moving. Sometimes, it is the beginning theme of the film or none (Like the initial variant).

Availability: Seen on Magnetic Video's releases of their productions. It can also be seen on DVD releases of Sweet Hostage, Hugo the Hippo, and A Touch of Class.

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