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Internet Development Institute (Cyrillic: Институт развития интернета) is a Russian autonomous non-profit organization, sponsored by the state with the help of grants on a contractual basis, created to regulate relations between the Internet industry and the government and lobby the interests of companies in the Internet industry, and later became an operator state competition for the creation of Internet content for youth.

Logo (August 10, 2022-)

Visuals: On a cherry red background, a vertical rectangle drops down from the floor, and slightly alters into the 45° angle counterclockwise, before the background changes to a neon yellow color, with the rectangle floating and splitting into two 5-sided and 6-sided irregular shapes, which settle down back to the floor, with the Russian initials "ИРИ" splitting out of the shapes, as well as the full company name in the aforementioned language. As the screen slightly backs out, the leftovers dissolve into particles and zoom towards the screen.


  • Most of the time, the logo appears in-credit, one with full name and one without the full name.
  • On Мишки на сервере, the logo is surrounded by a certain shape, which varies, as described below:
    • On the seasons 1, 3 and 5, the logo is surrounded in a window.
      • On the 1st season titled У нас в клубе, the window is in a simple black-white style, with the file name titled "ИРИ-лого.avi" that's adjusted to the left. The logo plays in a pixelated resolution and in less frames, before the pixels decrease and the frames increase. As the logo dissolves into particles, the cursor closes the window, with the near-end result freezing.
      • On the 3rd season titled Парни на спорте, the window is rounded and in a simple black-white style, with the file name titled "ИРИ-ЛОГО.AVI" that's adjusted to the middle. The logo plays in a mild pixelated resolution, before decreasing. As the logo dissolves, the cursor closes the window, with the near-end result still playing after it closes.
      • On the 5th season titled Снова и снова, the window consists of a browser, with a gray theme, with two tabs, one that includes the logo symbol, and one that has the face of a polar bear looking from the screen, with the search bar containing the company's website. The logo plays normally. As the logo dissolves, the cursor changes the tab.
    • On the seasons 2 and 4, both titled Это по любви and Ставьте классы, the logo is inside of a rounded rectangle, which later 'drops' out as it finishes.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A bunch of whooshes that correspond within the shape's movements, ending with a fading-out synth note and a rising chime.

Availability: Shown on most Russian series it has appeared so far, such as Новенькие, Российский хоккей. Сила внутри, as well as two films: Слово. Война and Другая поляна.

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