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These are logos that change often or continuously in description, style, or execution across sources it appears on while maintaining the core concept of the original version or logo set. Differing from logos with multiple unique variants, this categories covers those that have audiovisual elements with a significant difference from one another. Subtle changes related to simple formatting, minor revision of the logo's appearance, or adjustments that do not directly alter the logo itself (e.g. alternating copyright stamps) are not counted in this case. Some examples include:

  • The 2005 and 2011 Stoopid Monkey logos: The premise (a cartoon monkey in a foolish or threatening act) and style are maintained across the logo's variety of individual gags while staying true to the main description (e.g., the monkey hitting his tail with a hammer, dropping a toaster into a bathtub, etc.). These variants only appear on one specific episode of Robot Chicken.
  • The 1954 Eurovision opening graphics: The look (a circle with surrounding stars and beams and the broadcaster's logo in the center) is carried onto various channels with their own logo included as well as different coloring, structuring of the adjacent objects, among other significant changes.

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