Disney Sound

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Disney Sound was a subsidiary of Walt Disney Records, primarily geared towards releasing family-oriented/young children's content. Formed in 2004 and largely dormant since 2010, artists on their roster included Dev2.0, They Might Be Giants, Ralph's World, and Los Lobos. Many of their acts released double-CD sets that came with a CD and a DVD.

Logo (2004-2010)

Visuals: On a black background, a gold bar zooms in and rotates to reveal the Disney Sound logo, which consists of the stylized stacked text "disney Sound" to the right side of a rounded square with, carved into it, the right side of a stylized Mickey Mouse head that looks like two speakers.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Some whooshes and electronic beeping.

Availability: Primarily seen on DVDs as part of CD+DVD sets from artists on the label, such as Ralph's World's Welcome to Ralph's World, They Might Be Giants' Here Comes... series (...the ABCs, ...the 123s, and ...Science), and Dev2.0.

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