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Fox Animation Studios was launched by Don Bluth, Gary Goldman and Stephen Brain in 1994, as a short-lived subsidiary of 20th Century Fox focused on animated films. The company's first film, Anastasia, was a critical and commercial success, but the box office flop of their next film, Titan A.E., led Fox to shut down the company.

Logo (November 14, 1997-June 16, 2000)

Visuals: Superimposed on the remainder of the end credits is a blue rectangle with a red stroke going through it at the bottom. The stacked words:

-----S T U D I O S

are seen on top the rectangle and stroke.

Variant: On Titan A.E., the logo is black, orange, and yellow, and the words "CREATED AT FOX ANIMATION STUDIOS. PHOENIX, ARIZONA" are seen above.

Technique: None. [possible misuse]

Audio: The music remaining on the end credits.

Availability: It was only seen at the end of three films: Anastasia, Bartok the Magnificent, and Titan A.E.

Fox Animation Studios
20th Century Animation
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