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In 2005, Walt Disney Pictures released Chicken Little which was their first-ever animated 3D feature. At that time, 3D theatres were not very common when the film was released domestically. Disney would collaborate with RealD to install 3D projectors in over 84 US theatres. Disney used the name for advertising their titles released at that time from the Walt Disney Studios. Disney would stop using the name in 2018, but they continue to release their titles in RealD 3D to this day.

Logo (December 5, 2006, March 23, 2007-2012?)

Visuals: On a black background, an orange flame appears and draws a thin, white line with a blue/purple glow. The camera zooms out, revealing that it is drawing a part of the Disney "D". As this is happening, 3 glass shards of different sizes appear from the glow and quickly fly towards the camera one by one. Each shard "jumps off the screen" in a splash of blue sparks before landing on the Disney "D". The last shard lands in the middle to complete the "D", which flashes, causing its glow to disappear and the shards to turn light blue, the shards have a rainbow. A moving star background then appears with dark blue mist underneath where 3 D's in a futuristic font rotate into view, followed by "ISNEY," "IGITAL," and "3-" with the trademark "TM" symbol, respectively. As this is happening, the text "THE TRUE 3-DIMENSIONAL MOVIE EXPERIENCE" appears underneath "DISNEY DIGITAL 3-D" and a line between the two boxes of text. The background and text disappear, leaving only the Disney "D" and the shards, which explode into pieces of glass that fly past us.

Variant: On Disney 3D Blu-rays, the sparks is now in light blue, the shards have a rainbow reflection, the flame is now in orangish-yellow, and the text "THE TRUE 3-DIMENSIONAL MOVIE EXPERIENCE" is replaced with "POWERED BY" and the Blu-ray logo, omitting the line between the two text boxes. The text also appears in a light blue glow.

Technique: All CGI.

Audio: There are various sound effects, etc. that accompany the animation on screen. First, there is a lasso-like sound when the flame appears, followed by the sound of fire burning and weird humming noises that pan in the direction that the flame moves. Various high-pitched humming sounds, whooshes, and electric "zaps" accompany the 3D effect involving the shards, and a dreamy synth chime for each shard landing on the Disney D. A high-pitched whoosh accompanies the last synth chime when the Disney D flashes. Wind chimes, multiple sounds of a jet flying, and a choir voice that pans from left to right lead into a deep synth chord. The chimes become louder and faster as the text forms, followed by an ascending synthesized whistle-like sound and a choir chord that adds to the texture. One last jet is heard when the background disappears, a drum/cymbal hit when the D explodes, and various whooshing sounds as the pieces of glass fly past us.

Availability: It was seen in theaters beginning with Meet the Robinsons (a trailer of which on the 2006 DVD of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest features its debut in still form). It is considerably more common on Disney 3D Blu-ray releases as well as the trailer/ad for the format on several DVDs/2D Blu-rays from 2010-12, Discovering Blu-ray 3D with Timon and Pumbaa.

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