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ABC Kidavision was a brand used by the ABC Television Network for use in children's programming. Initially limited to video releases of ABC-produced kids material (ie. Schoolhouse Rock), the brand began to be used on the network itself as a loose branding for their Saturday morning schedule. The brand fell out of use by 1991, briefly succeeded by ABC Kidtime for VHS releases.

1st Logo (October 5, 1985-unknown retirement year)

Visuals: On a white background, a rounded black square is seen with an orange square partially visible beneath it as the "shadow"; from this square, a set of four diagonally-oriented lines protrude from the square. The text "KIDAVISION" (written in a rounded and italicized font, with stars dotting the "I"s and colored in a rainbow gradient) are positioned over most of the lines. The ABC circle logo (in red) is shown nestled within the top of the black square.

Variants: An inverted variant with a black background and white square exists.

Technique: A still, computerized graphic.

Audio: An upbeat synth tune or the end theme of the program.

Audio Variants: Sometimes, it's silent.

Availability: Only known to be seen on some kids-oriented videos put out by ABC in the mid-to-late 80s, including the GoldenVision Schoolhouse Rock tapes. The inverted variant was seen on ABC Fun Fit with Mary Lou Retton from Scholastic-Lorimar Home Video; it's not clear if the later Warner Home Video reprint retains this logo.

2nd Logo (September 12, 1987-1990's?)

Visuals: On a light blue background, the same square design as the previous logo is seen, albeit with the black square now purple. From the right side of the screen the "KIDAVISION" text (in the same general design as last time, but with a more three-dimensional appearance) slides into place, bouncing and stretching before settling in. As the four diagonal lines draw in behind the word and the word "presents" over a red line appears in the right corner, the ABC circle appears (colored in red as before) as though it were a balloon being inflated; once it's fully "inflated", the "KIDAVISION" text shines, then it abruptly cuts to black.


  • If a program has closed captioning, a large golden closed captioning symbol can be seen at an angle in the top right corner.
  • A "movie special" variant exists. The "KIDAVISION" text slides in slower than usual; when the ABC circle "inflates", a 3D version of the circle designed to look like an actual balloon is superimposed, then floats away; as "movie special" fades into the corner (in the same fashion as "presents"). The ABC letters glow with yellow lights one at a time, before the "KIDAVISION" text shines once more.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: A simplistic synth tune with a chorus singing "Kidavision on ABC!" over it.

Audio Variants:

  • A silent version exists.
  • For the "movie special" version, an extended version of the usual synth tune plays; one of ABC's staff announcers is heard speaking over it -- "The following is an ABC Kidavision movie special presentation...The Wind in the Willows!" Further bumpers heard that morning either used an alternate mix of the music with the VO reading "We now return to...The Wind in the Willows." or "and now, back to...The Wind in the Willows." Some bumpers did not use a VO, instead using another alternate version of the jingle, with clapping noises interposed between the singing of "ABC" and bizarre sound effects.

Availability: It was usually only seen before each show on ABC's Saturday morning lineup during the late 1980s, so check old tapes. The movie special variant was only used on two consecutive Saturdays in September 1987, during broadcasts of the Rankin-Bass adaptation of The Wind in the Willows and The Care Bears Movie. The silent variant was seen on the little-known VHS release of The Kingdom Chums: Original Top Ten from Word! Kids in 1990.

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