ABC Kidtime

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ABC Kidtime was a video label of the American Broadcasting Company that was used for distributing various of their made-for-TV movies aimed at child or family audiences. It replaced the ABC Kidavision brand.

Logo (1991-1992)

Visuals: Against a black background and a colorful 3D grid with cylindrical intersections, a blue ABC logo flies through colored sparks. The sparks intensify as the camera runs into a yellow spark, which then fades to reveal the ABC Kidtime logo against an intersection of the grid, with small sparks flashing around it. The yellow and blue-outlined 3D "Kidtime" word mark is set against a long magenta and purple spark.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A soft synth flair with very light stick percussion, followed by four bell-backed notes.

Availability: Appears on several VHS prints of various ABC made-for-TV movies distributed by Strand VCI Entertainment.

  • Appears on releases of Runaway Ralph, The Mouse and the Motorcycle, Cougar, Liberty and the Littles, The Bollo Caper, The Red Chief, Joking Around With The Little Clowns and Cap'n O. G. Readmore's Jack and the Beanstalk.
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