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Saban Home Entertainment was a home video label of Saban Entertainment, and their second after Saban Video. Before the Saban Home Entertainment label was created, Saban released Power Rangers and X-Men tapes through PolyGram Video. However, in April 1994, it was announced that Saban Entertainment had signed a new home video deal with A-Vision Entertainment to distribute Saban products through the Saban Home Entertainment and Libra Home Entertainment labels.

In December 1995, Time Warner announced plans to spin-off WarnerVision and revert it back to A-Vision Entertainment. However, they soon cancelled this, and the company was folded into Warner Home Video. With this, Saban ended their contract with Warner and signed a new home video deal with 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment in October 1996, with the Saban Home Entertainment label being retired.

1st Logo (1994-1996)

Visuals: A gold background fades in, then zooms back to reveal a gold circle (the same one from the 1988 Saban TV logo) which is seen over a blue/black gradient night sky background with lots of stars and two spotlights (similar to King World's 1990 logo) moving back and forth. At the same time, the white marble square from the aforementioned logo zooms out. The circle then begins to fit in the square's circle space. The letters of the word "SABAN" appear one at a time on the circle via a "flashing" effect, followed by three silver lines flashing below "SABAN". The words "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" with a gold line below the words fade in below the circle.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: None.


  • Appears on several Saban releases distributed through WarnerVision Entertainment's A-Vision Entertainment label.
  • It appears on many VHS releases of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, including the "Alpha's Magical Christmas" special.
  • It also appears on VR Troopers releases as well, and presumably on releases of the X-Men animated series.

2nd Logo (August 6-20, 1996)

Visuals: Same as the 1996 Saban Entertainment logo at the time, but with the words "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" added.

Technique: A mix of CGI and live-action.

Audio: Same as the 1996 TV logo.


  • This was only available on four WarnerVision Entertainment releases.
  • It appears on the Sweet Valley High releases "Dangerous Love" and "Kidnapped" and the Power Rangers Zeo releases "Zeo Quest", and "It Came from Angel Grove".
  • However, it does not appear on the Saban's Masked Rider releases "Escape From Edenoi" and "Super Gold", as they just contain the regular 1996 logo instead.
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