20th Century Fox Television (1958-1989)/Logo Variations

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That's Hollywood! (1976-1982):

  • The words "THAT'S HOLLYWOOD!" are set up on the same Fox structure with "THAT'S" on top and "HOLLY" on the bottom-left side and "WOOD!" on the bottom-right. The logo zooms out while the long theatrical fanfare plays. As the logo zooms out, the credits in the same 3D text zoom out and swing in underneath the logo. Then, it cross-fades over by featuring a 31 second clip montage of Fox Films throughout the years and later cross-fades back to the That's Hollywood! logo with the credits to the writer(s) and producer(s) of the episode already superimposed underneath the logo.
  • For the ending of the show, it's the 1976 version of the 1965 Fox TV logo, but it uses the same fanfare from the opening credits of the episode, but with a re-orchestrated ending.

The 1988 Clio Awards (1988): The 1981 logo appears on a television.

Bobby's World (Adventures in Bobby-Sitting) (1990): The 1981 TCFTV logo is shown in a pink tone. Only seen on international prints of said episode.

20th Century Fox Television (1958-1989)
20th Century Fox Television (1994-2020)/Logo Variations
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