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Fox DVD Video was a brand for DVDs released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Logo (November 21, 2000-July 30, 2002)

Visuals: There are 2 versions of this logo.

  • Opening: A metallic structure that says "FOX DVD VIDEO" (with "FOX" on top of "DVD" and "VIDEO" in an oval) zooms in. A light then highlights the logo and moves from right to left (also getting the background). The structure is gradually turning and zooms toward the screen, with the viewer going through the "O" in "FOX", revealing a trailer or promo.
  • Closing: The same logo as before, only the background is moving around and it's blue.

Variant: On the promo’s early years, the closing has the logo small and the tagline “GET INTO IT” appears under it.

Technique: CGI.


  • On the opening version, there is a guitar riff, the sound of a clang followed by Howard Parker asking, "Are you ready for Fox DVD Video?".
  • The closing version has a static noise. Both versions have a "whoosh" noise when the logo moves.
  • The early variant doesn’t feature a clang sound in the opening while the closing has Howard Parker say “Fox DVD Video”, then a computerised voice (MacinTalk Zarvox) say “Get into it.”, then the announcer repeating it.

Availability: This was actually meant for a promo on VHS and early Fox DVD releases from the era talking about DVD and its features. Can be seen on most 2000-2002 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment DVD releases such as X-Men, Silent Trigger, Fight Club, Nine Months, Where the Heart Is, Titan A.E., Airheads, the "Five Star Collection" releases of Speed and Independence Day, the 10th Anniversary Edition of Edward Scissorhands and the Die Hard: Ultimate Collection box set.

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