Jetix On Demand

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Logo (2006-2009)

Visuals: On a blue-white gradient background with moving 3D objects, the Jetix mascot Jay jumps from the top right. When he gets near the center, "JETIX" in the usual font with a black line under it, zooms in. When Jay is hitting the words, he launches up to the air quickly while "ON" in black, with a play symbol as the "O", appears under the line. When Jay lands again, the "DEMAND" appears to the right of "ON". To the left of "ON" is a rewind symbol, and to the right of "DEMAND" is a fast-forward symbol.

Technique: Computer animation by GrapeVine Productions.

Audio: The same jingle Jetix used on their bumpers during the era.

Availability: It only appeared on what Jetix offered On Demand, which became impossible to find after it (along with Toon Disney) became Disney XD.

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