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STX Entertainment is a Los Angeles based film and television studio, founded by Robert Simonds and Bill McGlashan in 2014. In March 2015, STX announced a deal with Chinese film production company Huayi Brothers to co-finance at least 18 films to be produced over a three-year period beginning in 2016. In 2017, STX Entertainment rebranded its film division as "STXfilms" and its television division as "STXtelevision". On July 30, 2020, it merged with Eros International to form ErosSTX. However, it was later sold two years later to Najafi Companies.

1st Logo (November 17, 2014- )

Visuals: On a black background, the following text fades in:


with a line underneath "ENTERTAINMENT".


  • On State of Affairs, the logo is in the bottom-right corner, with the Aardwolf logo in the top-left.
  • On the 2020 iteration of Punk'd, the logo is seen to the left of the MTV Studios logo, which is on the right.
  • At the end of films from the company, "Distributed by" appears above the T in "STX".
  • Starting in 2017 at the end of movies, "f i l m s" in spaced-out letters replaces "ENTERTAINMENT".
  • At the end of Uglydolls, the logo is multicolored. The "Distributed by" part is green, the "STX" part, including the line, are salmon red, and "f i l m s" is in multicolored letters. Gibberish Cat (voiced by the movie's own director, Kelly Asbury) from the film peeks out from the "T", blabbering random gibberish.

Technique: A still, digital graphic.

Audio: None, the opening theme of the trailer, or the closing theme of the movie/show.

Availability: First seen on the first trailer for The Gift, the short-lived thriller series State of Affairs, FBOY Island and the revival of Punk'd. Currently seen as a closing logo for STX Entertainment movies under the STXfilms banner.

2nd Logo (August 7, 2015- )

Visuals: On a black background, a yellow-blue ray of light, with some tiny particles beside it, flashes into view. A few seconds later, a glass cube starts to zoom in, causing the flash to de-intensify, and another ray of light to flash into view, this time upward. The upward ray of light moves downward in result of the cube starting to rotate, later becoming faster and faster, until it shoots 3 symmetry light rays, which form the STX letters. Then the text "ENTERTAINMENT" fades in. Below that is a thin glass line, which shines a small rainbow ray.


  • On movies beginning with the US release of The Circle in 2017, "ENTERTAINMENT" is replaced with "f i l m s" in spaced-out letters.
  • On television shows from the company, the logo is shortened, and "television" replaces "ENTERTAINMENT".
  • An international version exists, where "international" replaces "ENTERTAINMENT".
  • A YouTube video exists which shows all of STX's labels by showing the cube rotating with the logo of said labels inside it, ending with the STX logo appearing, and it can be seen here.
  • On Uglydolls, the letters of the logo (the "STX" part, including the line, are in salmon red and "f i l m s" is in multicolored letters) fall down on a blue background.

Technique: CGI by Imaginary Forces.


  • August 7, 2015-February 3, 2017: A calm synth piece.
  • April 28, 2017-: An ascending majestic score ending in 4 string notes. Composed by Andrew Lockington.
  • In both instances, whooshing and sparkling sounds are heard throughout.

Audio Variants:

  • Sometimes, the opening theme of the movie plays over.
  • The television version is shortened to the last note of the STX theme.
  • The television logo may be silent or have the closing theme playing over.
Availability: It debuted on The Gift, and has appeared on all of the company's releases since.