Pixar Animation Studios/Logo Variations

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These are the logo variations seen throughout the years by Pixar Animation Studios, with more to be added overtime.

Toy Story franchise:

Toy Story (1995, post-2009 prints): The logo plays out normally, but when Luxo Jr. faces the camera, the animation freezes for a few seconds, and it fades to the opening scene of the movie.

Toy Story Toons (2011-12): Luxo Jr. looks up as we scroll up to the title.Toy Story 4 (2019): The logo plays as normal, but "ANIMATION STUDIOS" is already present, and when Luxo Jr. faces the camera, it starts to rain. The screen turns dark, with the lamp's light shining through the rain, a la the closing version of the standard logo, until lightning flashes, transitioning into the opening scene.At the end of the movie the logo cuts in, with "ANIMATION STUDIOS" already present, and instead of the lamp, Duke Caboom (voiced by Keanu Reeves) rides in on his motorcycle and bounces the "I" down with it. Then, a Combat Carl Soldier (whom Woody left hanging for a high-five earlier in the film) enters from the left and finally gets a high-five from Duke, at which the logo instantly cuts to black (the clap sound substituting for the lamp's light clicking off). Both times, the logo is the 2D version, even in 3D, in which case depth is applied to the logo.

Ratatouille (2007 video game):

  • On the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the video game, the logo is on a menu and Remy runs away from it. The Disney Interactive Studios logo, the THQ logo, and the Heavy Iron Studios logo appear in the same fashion. Then Remy goes through a door where he nearly gets stabbed by multiple knives. The PC, PSP, and non-HD versions have the normal logo, while the DS and GBA versions have the still logo.

Lifted (2007, short):

  • Luxo Jr.'s "head" fades into the moon and when his head turns, the sound it makes also sounds different.

WALL-E (2008 both film (closing) and video game):

  • The logo starts normally, but after Luxo Jr. looks at us, his light shorts out. Then, WALL-E comes in and changes the bulb. He then leaves, but knocks down the "R" in "PIXAR" on the way. He looks at the fallen "R", and then hides his head, clasps his "hands" and puts down his door to make an "R" shape. The rest of the logo then continues as normal as WALL-E peeks out in cowardliness. Seen at the end of the film and after the credits of the PS2, PSP and PC versions of the video game, with the lamp turning off, as well as the trailer, without the lamp turning off.

  • Immediately after the Pixar logo ends, a logo plate for Buy n Large (the film's mega-corporation) appears.
  • On the home console, PC, and PSP versions of the film's video game, the print logo is made up of blue glowing lines. The DS and mobile versions use a still version of the normal logo.

Up (2009, video game):

  • On the DS version, the still print version is seen on a white background.
  • On the Xbox 360, Wii and PS3 versions of the game, the print logo without Luxo Jr. is slighty tilted and slowly moving up on a backdrop of the sky. Multiple colored balloons are then seen also floating up. The PS2, PSP, and PC versions have the print logo with Luxo Jr. to the right of an artwork of the house, with the Disney wordmark at the left.

Incredibles 2 (2018):

  • Opening: First film to use the reanimated logo. The background is red, Luxo Jr. is black all over, and his light is yellow-colored, making the logo themed after the Incredibles logo's usual colors (red, black and yellow), with gold rays added. The sound effects are different, by Ren Klyce (the film's sound designer).

  • Closing: Last film with the remastered logo. Normal as usual, with the movie's ending theme playing over, but the sound effects (except the lamp's bulb clicking off) are not heard.

Pixar Popcorn (2021, Disney+):

  • Each episode of the series has Luxo Jr. doing something in relation to popcorn, all ten variants also cut in and out instead of fading in and out and they lack the "ANIMATION STUDIOS" text below.
    • Episode 1: The logo starts at the point where Luxo Jr. is about to jump onto the "I", and after the "I" is bounced down, popcorn falls and covers him. He eventually peaks out from the top and shakes some of the popcorn off, he then faces us as usual. A clip of that intro was shown in the trailer.
    • Episode 2: Lots of popcorn pieces, including a popcorn box on the right of the "R" are around the place, Luxo Jr. looks at the various pieces confused as he is jumping towards the "I", he only bounces on said letter one less time also.
    • Episode 3: Luxo Jr. is seen in between the "X" and "A" instead, and he looks at a popcorn kernel on the floor, which then pops to his surprise (most likely to the light's heat). He then looks at another kernel which does the same thing, followed by two more. He then looks at us like the regular variant, but without bouncing on the "I".
    • Episode 4: It starts off as normal, but once Luxo Jr. starts to bounce on the "I", the remaining letters in "PIXAR" turn into popcorn (starting with "X", then "A", then "R", and then "P"). The rest of the logo is somewhat the same although he doesn't look around as much before turning towards the camera.
    • Episode 5: It starts off normal yet again, but there are pieces of popcorn jumping and following Luxo Jr., who then realizes what's going on and proceeds to jump faster and off the screen (again, to a big surprise). One of them bounces on the "I" in "PIXAR".
    • Episode 6: Again, the sequence starts off at the point where Luxo Jr. is about to jump onto the "I". However while he does bounces on it the first time, a piece of popcorn comes out from the "X". He then notices and proceeds to bounce on the "I" more (a bit more actually than in the regular logo). Then, when the "I" goes down completely, lots more popcorn comes out. He then once more looks at us.
    • Episode 7: Yet again, the sequence starts off at the point where Luxo Jr. is about to jump onto the "I". However, before he does so a popcorn kernel falls onto Luxo Jr., who then turns around to look. As he looks at it, two more fall on him. Then a few more fall onto the ground, and eventually all of them pop. Luxo Jr. is then surprised by this and jumps onto the "I" (which it goes down like the regular variant). After looking around as usual, he once more looks at us.
    • Episode 8: Similar to Episode 4, except he bounces on all of the letters instead, going from right to left. Each one becoming popcorn as he lands on it.
    • This was also used during the Pixar panel of the 2020 Disney Investor Day, after the announcement and launch of their documentary series, Inside Pixar, as it cuts in and the chief creative officer of Pixar, Pete Docter, ducks down while Luxo Jr. is jumping and rises back up, as eight of the ten shorts are showing as soon as Luxo Jr. jumps on the "P", as he announces Pixar Popcorn. After that, it cuts to the Disney+ and Pixar logos (with the Pixar logo is static), as he begins to show a preview of one of the three new series coming to Disney+, Dug Days. It was in 21:9 in the panel, instead of the 16:9 aspect ratio in the short and sound effects were not used.
    • Episode 9: The logo once more starts at when Luxo Jr. is about to bounce on the "I". There is also lots of kernels everywhere, and when starts to bounce on said letter, one of the kernels pop. As he keeps bouncing, more start popping. All of them are popped by the time the "I" is down, except for one. After he looks at us once more, the remaining popcorn kernel pops.
    • Episode 10: Luxo Jr. is once again between the "X" and "A" and next to him is a box of popcorn (the same one in Episode 2). He nudges it over as he bounces until it ends up in between the "P" and "I". He then faces the "I" and bounces on it like normal, once again one less time than normal.
    • Episode 11 uses all the variants mentioned above, but not all are at the start.
    • Pixar also posted a trailer featuring a selection of the intros, as well as some that were not shown in each of the above episodes, shown above on Pixar and various Pixar films' Facebook and X (Twitter) pages, which can be shown here.