Playhouse Video

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Playhouse Video was a sub-label of CBS/Fox Video for children and family releases on video.

Logo (July 7, 1985-1990)

Visuals: On a white background, there is a black dot sketching a round snow-globe outline. Then it draws another round outline, followed by outlines of a tree, neighborhood with house, a sun, apples on the tree, and a window on the house. The outlines fill with a rainbow color hue, and the words "PLAYHOUSE VIDEO" with "VIDEO" in spaced-out letters wipe in from top to bottom.


  • On videos associated with Muppet Video, the background would turn red and blue, the Playhouse Video logo would fly away, and the Muppet Video logo animation would form.
  • There was a grayscale variant on videos of black and white films.
  • The Chace Surround Sound logo may appear at the top left of the screen.

Technique: Likely Scanimate.

Audio: A synthesized trumpet/piano fanfare.

Availability: It's seen on any tapes by this company from the era, such as the 1970s Dr. Seuss TV specials aired on CBS, Muppet Video releases, and feature films such as Bad Medicine, Kid Colter, In Search of a Golden Sky, Batman: The Movie, and Eliminators, among others. It also appears on the early VHS of A Boy Named Charlie Brown (the later versions were distributed by Paramount Home Entertainment).