20th Century-Fox Video (South Pacific)

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Twentieth Century-Fox Video (South Pacific) Pty. Ltd. was a branch of 20th Century-Fox Video that operated in Australia and New Zealand. It was originally established as Magnetic Video (South Pacific).

1st Logo (1982)

Visuals: One by one, four white squares zoom in by flipping. These show the print 20th Century Fox logo in blue with the word "VIDEO" underneath. After the fourth square finishes moving into place, the logos are moved downwards by a cube effect and are replaced by a full screen version of the 20th Century Fox Video logo.

Variant: A still variant containing just the finished logo also exists.

Technique: Scanimate.

Audio: The original 1954 CinemaScope extension of the TCF fanfare. Sometimes during the second half of the fanfare, a male voice-over says: "The following feature is brought to you by 20th Century-Fox Video".

Availability: This logo was only used in Australia. Some examples include a Betamax copy of High Anxiety and VHS copies of Norma Rae, Willie & Phil and Omen III: The Final Conflict. It was also spotted on a VHS copy of The Domino Principle, which was originally released by ITC Entertainment. One tape that had the still variant was Star Wars. These videos are easy to spot, with a big blue or orange label containing the print logo on the top of the front and back of the video case.

Magnetic Video (South Pacific)
20th Century-Fox Video (South Pacific)
CBS/Fox Video
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