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These are the logo variations seen on trailer throughout the years by Pixar Animation Studios, with more to be added overtime.

Toy Story (1995):

  • The print logo is on a black background, the text is white, and Luxo Jr. isn't seen.

Toy Story 2 (1999):

  • The logo is seen inside a TV screen with Buzz Lightyear moving towards it.

Monsters, Inc. (2001):

  • The logo is seen on a big screen made up of 24 smaller screens.

WALL-E (2008):

  • Same as the one from the end credits after the film itself. Seen on the trailer, without the lamp turning off, after the credits on the DVD/Blu-ray version and the WALL-E video game on PS2, PSP and PC, with the lamp turning off. Oddly enough, in the trailer, the bulb doesn’t get replaced with an energy-saving bulb (like in the film version), but instead the standard bulb that’s normally used in the logo.

Toy Story 3 (2010):

  • On the 1st trailer, the logo is recorded on a camcorder.
  • On the 2nd trailer, the logo moves up as Andy opens his toy chest.

Cars 2 (2011):

  • On the teaser trailer, when we can only see Luxo Jr.'s light on the screen, the lamp turns to the right and a laser comes out of it.
  • On the LEGO version of the 2nd trailer, Luxo Jr. is made of LEGO bricks, instead of the letters. This was made by Patrick Bovin.

Soul (2020):

  • Luxo Jr. looks down as we see Joe Gardner's soul falling during the logo (a la the Paul Haggis Productions logo). This can only be seen on the 1st trailer.
  • On the 2nd trailer, the logo fades into New York City's skyline, with Luxo Jr.'s bulb acting as the sun.

Pixar Popcorn (2021, Disney+):

  • Luxo Jr. is buried in a pile of popcorn that falls from the top. This was a clip of the 1st of 10 variants in this series. This was also shown at the intros trailer, as some of the intros were also shown, along with some never seen in these shorts.

Turning Red (2022, Disney+):

Elemental (2023)

  • The closing Pixar logo fades into a train light as the train leaves a tunnel.
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