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Fox Kids Video was a label of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment launched in 1995 to release shows that aired on Fox Kids, Saban shows, Marvel Comics cartoons, and some CBS-owned shows and specials. The company was shut down nine years later.

1st Logo (1995-1997)

Visuals: Very similar to the second Fox Kids Worldwide logo, except the text "kids video" is underneath the zigzagged line. There is a small byline that says "Distributed by FoxVideo" under the logo. The word "fox" is also changing colors and the searchlights move in the background as well.

Technique: Computerized 2D animation.

Audio: None.

Availability: Was spotted on a 1995 VHS of Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?: Moondreams/Split Up and was seen on other releases.

2nd Logo (1997)

Visuals: On a gradient blue and black background is the Fox Kids logo of the time without the black base, with "FOX KIDS" in white with the word "video" below. Streaks of red, blue and yellow fly in different directions. Searchlights appear and occupy the "X" in "FOX", a yellow streak occupies the word "FOX", a red streak occupies the word "KIDS" and a blue streak occupies the word "video". All other streaks go away and the black base finally appears to complete the Fox Kids logo.

Technique: Computerized 2D animation.

Audio: None.

Availability: Can be seen on tapes of CBS-owned and/or Fox Kids-aired shows of the time, such as Power Rangers, Beetleborgs, Marvel cartoons like Spider-Man and Iron Man, Where's Waldo/Wally, Eek! The Cat, The Tick, Bobby's World, Life With Louie, and Garfield and Friends, among others. Also appeared on video releases of DePatie-Freleng/Dr. Seuss TV specials.

3rd Logo (May 31-August 30, 2004)

Visuals: On a light blue background is a 3D version of the Fox Kids logo used at the time, consisting of the words "FOXKIDS" (all letters colored red except the "X" (which is 2 searchlights crossing, referencing the searchlights in the 20th Century Fox logo), which is yellow). The letters are on a black base. A TM symbol is on the bottom right side of the logo.

Technique: None. [possible misuse]

Audio: None.

Availability: Appears on the first two waves of the Maximum Entertainment Fox Kids/Jetix Best Sellers lineup that were released in the UK and Ireland, like the first two volumes of Inspector Gadget and the first volume of Heathcliff. The Wave 2 releases pair this with the Jetix logo.

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