Baby Nick Jr.

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Baby Nick Jr. (also known as Nick Jr. Baby) was a short-lived company that was part of Nick Jr. The only known show they have made is Curious Buddies.

1st Logo (August 31, 2004)

Visuals: On a blue background with polka dots, there is an orange sauropod dinosaur looking at an egg, which seems to be hatching. Suddenly, a blue sauropod hatches from the egg, happily surprising the orange sauropod. The two dinosaurs cuddle as "NICK" (in the then-corporate Nickelodeon font) appears on the orange sauropod and "JR." (in the same font as "NICK") appears on the blue sauropod. The two dinosaurs then look at each other as "Baby" (in a round font) appears on the egg, and then the screen fades out. Copyright information is below for the entire logo.


  • There is a still version with a white background with no copyright info. The Curious Buddies logo is seen with this. This is seen at the beginning on DVDs of Curious Buddies.
  • An opening variant exists. The Baby Nick Jr. logo shrinks to the top-right corner as the Curious Buddies logo fades in. The letters in "Curious" dance and then freeze when a dot bounces on the letters in-sync to the theme song. The dot lands on the "I" in "BUDDIES". Two pairs of eyes and ears appear to make a face, which looks before returning to its normal position and giggling.
    • The background on the opening variant is different for each episode; on "Look and Listen at the Park", the logo is superimposed over a forest background. On "Helping at Home", the background consists of a light green striped wall and a green checkerboard floor with a laundry basket. On "Exploring at the Beach", it's a beach.
    • On "Helping at Home", Elephant comes in and looks around before the logo is pushed away.

Technique: Entirely done with 2D Flash animation.

Audio: A gentle piano/guitar tune with a piano rendition of the five-note tune based on Nick Jr.'s then-current "Where I Play Along" jingle from 2003 to 2004 and a few twinkling noises as well as an egg crumbling noise with a small "POP!" when the egg hatches and a baby giggling at the end. For the opening variant, the opening theme of the show accompanied by various sound effects and a baby giggling. For the still variant, none.

Availability: Seen on the Curious Buddies episodes "Look and Listen at the Park", "Exploring at the Beach", and "Helping at Home".

2nd Logo (April 12, 2005)

Visuals: On a pale green background, there is a spinning mobile with 4 squares (an orange one with a "B" on it, a yellow one with an "A" on it, a green one that also has a "B" on it, and a pink one with a "Y" on it) spinning and bobbing up and down. The mobile then slows down almost completely and the squares position themselves to form the word "BABY". Then 2 more squares (an orange one with "NICK" on it and a blue one with "JR." on it) flip down below the squares. Like the 1st logo, copyright information is seen throughout the entire logo.


  • There is a still version with a white background with no copyright info. Unlike the previous logo's variant, this does not contain the Curious Buddies logo. This is seen on DVDs of Curious Buddies.
  • Like with the previous logo, an opening variant exists, but the letters in "BUDDIES" don't wobble and the "Curious" letters bounce instead of dancing. The logo becomes completely still once the dot bounces in, making its way to the blue "I".
  • On "Let's Go to the Farm!", the logo is on a cream colored background.

Technique: As with the previous logo's normal variant, entirely done with 2D animation with CGI for the squares rotating and flipping.

Audio: Same as the piano/guitar tune from the last logo, but without the sound effects. On the cream colored background variant, the audio is actually the same as the last logo, even with the sound effects from the last logo.

Availability: Seen on the Curious Buddies episodes "Let's Move!", "Let's Build!", "Let's Make Music!", and "Let's Go to the Farm!".

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