John Sutherland Productions

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Logo (1945-1960)

Visuals: Just an in-credit text that reads "A John Sutherland PRODUCTION" with "John Sutherland" written in a majestic script. Below it, there is the logos for the RCA Sound System, the Motion Picture Association of America, the Screen Cartoonists Guild, and the IATSE (which uses the old version of their logo).


  • On some shorts from the early 1950s onwards, the logos for RCA, MPAA, and the trade unions may be displayed on the bottom of the screen containing the cartoon's credits instead of on the "A John Sutherland PRODUCTION" screen.
  • Later, in the mid-1950s, the text was changed to "PRODUCED BY John Sutherland", On cartoons written by John Sutherland himself, the text "WRITTEN and PRODUCED BY John Sutherland" is instead shown.

Technique: A still graphic.

Audio: The opening theme of the respective cartoon.

Availability: Can be found on a few public domain prints of shorts produced by John Sutherland which are also available to watch on YouTube, such as Make Mine Freedom and A is for Atom.

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